Passionate About 'Waking' Others Up

I work with people on missions to transform themselves, their world and the world around them.


​​I was born in South Africa, immigrated to New Zealand when my first son was born in 2007,  and then relocated to Melbourne, Australia in 2015 to help set up a Software Line of Business for a global IT company. I am currently managing a national Professional Services team. Through this amazing experience, I learned that risk and action are required when striving for a better life available to you and others.

​Sport has been a thread throughout my life. In my teens, I broke my ankle whilst playing basketball, couldn’t continue playing rugby and turned to Martial Arts.  I won my school, state, regional and national championships, competed internationally at a world championship level, and eventually started coaching Martial Arts when my competitive career slowed down.  After school, I studied for a bachelor's and Master in Business Administration, used my Martial Arts experience and background to teach unarmed combat, reality-based self-defence, and worked as a venue- and close security officer.  When I met my wife and settled down, it was time for the next phase in my life. I became a project manager in Corporate and Merchant Banking, then in a Business Process Outsourcing company, and eventually immersed myself in project and program management of large-scale IT and digital transformations for private and public sector organisations, and spent more than 15 enjoyable years in senior, leadership roles in Information Technology.


In my exploration and research of self-development, coaching, psychology, therapy, and more, I discovered that coaching was more future-facing and action-orientated. That was it. I loved what I did, but what made me ticked was in people - connecting with them, understanding them, and helping them grow and develop. So that’s where I focused my energy and studies.


Now, after many years of experience helping clients step into their power and deliver great results, my clients are the ones at the forefront of change and transformation.

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3PGC Practioner

How did i get involved in the principles?

I started the process of self-development in my teens and was exposed to several so-called practices, approaches, and beliefs over my years.  These ranged from affirmations to mindfulness, from EFT to the Sedona Method, CBT to NLP, but I could never settle and find that one turnkey, profound, lasting way that I was looking for. So I kept searching...


This searching led me down completely new pathways, and I stumbled upon Michael Neill’s Inside Out Revolution.  After listening to the audiobook several times, I had to get the book and get more involved in the three principles world over the last 6-years. I’ve read all the three principles books that I could get my hands on, watch every video available and listened to numerous podcasts and audios.  This led me to complete the Creating the Impossible program and completing the Thriving Coaches Blueprint by Jamie Smart, Coaching from the Inside Out Program with Michael Neill, completing the year-long Conscious Leadership School with Chantal Burns and was coached by Chantal, Sandy Krot, Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe, Jamie Smart and more, resulting in a deeper, more spiritual understanding of what it means to be human.


What I discovered challenged many of the beliefs and understandings I had previously held. I discovered that you could change your life without changing yourself. I discovered that people were able to truly see themselves and those around them through a different lens and reconnect more deeply with each other in a way I had never seen before. I could see that our true nature as human beings was one of joy, peace, insight and wisdom, and recognising this in ourselves and each other was truly life-changing in a relationship.  I knew this was what I had been searching for.


I took everything I had learned and began to apply this with my clients and in my own life and now offering it to you.