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life coach training three principles of a coaching approach


The Three Principles Practitioner & Coach training is not a generic program.

It was designed for you -
to provide a space that allows us to
connect, explore, teach, assist, and mentor

you in the art and science of transformative, insight-based coaching.

It is a program tailored to bring in you, the awareness that life has something more in store for you and you can make a difference in the world.


Roan’s aim is to broaden your understanding, strengthen your foundation and diversify your influence and put you on the path to establishing a thriving coaching practice. Irrespective of your level of experience, you will find the program well-suited to you, your practice and your goals.

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Know this...
Transformation begins with you.

It starts from a framework that you learn, gain from and apply to make a difference in the lives of others around you.

Our work is to help create a deep sense of stability and grounding that will put you as ease as you live, learn and benefit daily from the insight that comes from these Principles. As you share the Principles, you will notice a profound impact in your clients and an increased sense of confidence in yourself and your abilities.

You will be happier creating new clients as you transition into practicing a career that reflects your unique qualities, knowing that you have everything it takes to make it happen.  As you learn to identify your most authentic version of yourself, you will connect with the inner source of fulfilment, self-belief, and gain confidence in your work. You will understand that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, putting into place what you are meant to accomplish and assisting people in experiencing genuine transformation.

This program is your opportunity to join other professionals at the forefront of this ground-breaking work in Australia.

There is a need for more change workers to harness the revolution that is fast taking hold.



To be a part of and create the much-awaited change in Australia. 

mentoring program
life coach training three principles of a coaching approach


Every year, a limited number of practitioners are accepted into Roan’s 6-month and 12-month mentoring programs. The program is particularly aimed at coaches, consultants, and service-based practitioners who may already understand and little or some experience in this work.


It is designed for these professionals who despite the knowledge they have, want to improve their understanding, better their impact with clients, and adopt or develop the power of the principles in their profession and have a sustainable and successful practice.

Roan’s goal, during the duration of this program, is to provide you with a deeply grounded and transforming experience that will effectively impact, stimulate and create leverage both personally and professionally.

The mentoring program focuses on three main areas;


  • Your understanding and comprehension of the principles

  • The impact on your clients

  • How to have a sustainable and successful practice.

Roan has been fortunate to be coached and mentored by some of the most outstanding teachers of this work and attended numerous trainings offered – Jamie Smart, Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe, Elsie Spittle, Sandra Krot, Michael Neill, Steve Chandler, Ritch Litvin, and Chantal Burns to name a few.

Combined with my devotion to be better, his growth as a coach, mentor, and facilitator has been exponential.

Together with Roan, you will delve and discover what is to be seen, experienced and shared as you work together. Roan’s priority throughout the engagement will be centred on collaborating in an active partnership in which your learning and development will be paramount.

Unfortunately, due to the considerable time given to each client, numbers are limited.

coaching incubator


Each year, Roan runs a 12-week online Coach Training program for a small group of practitioners in a group coaching program. This program is intended for coaches, consultants, and service-based practitioners who may or may not prior knowledge and expertise in this field.

They do, however, want to deepen their grounding and apply the power of the Principles in their practice, which is usually conducted in an environment filled with like-minded individuals.

Being in a group of peers who are there with you, through the struggles and successes you can connect with every day, who believe in you and create their vision with as much passion as you are – is priceless.  Working together in a group will help you stay motivated and thrive on collective wisdom of others in the group.

During the sessions, you will have on-demand precision training to help you push past hurdles, receive feedback on your coaching skills, and experience one-on-one and group coaching. Everyone will provide weekly updates to keep you accountable, on your toes and on track.

Coupled with this is all the templates and tools you need to start your practice or elevate your practice.

life coach training three principles of a coaching approach
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