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three principles coaching Roan


Transform, transition, and take your life to the next stage or level.

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You are a strong, passionate, action-oriented, and successful individual.


You want to transform and have a bigger impact in the world, either professionally or on a personal level and you crave something deeper, better, and more profound.

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You are searching for a missing piece, something you just cannot place your hand on.


You want to open you up to your inner wellbeing, peace, calm, and freedom as you are guided to live the life of your dreams.

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You feel depressed, worried, and stressed.


You want to learn the right way to escape the traps of melancholy, anxiety, overwhelm, tension, and overthinking every day.

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You are a high-performance  athlete looking for something that will help you improve your game.

You need help maximising potential and getting the most out of yourself in order reach new heights

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We Can Help
With the Three Principles program
life coaching & mentoring


The coaching engagement is designed for individuals who require time and space for understanding and insights into these principles and how they transform your life. The six-month engagement builds momentum, encourages pacing with engagement and on-going, real time support in between.

It centres on an ongoing, in-depth discussion about the principles that serve as the foundation for dealing with challenges and achieving your goals. 

At the end of the coaching, you will have benefitted from being able to experience this insight in real-time and go ahead to apply it to the challenges and that life throws or tackle your goals.


You can choose to participate in a shorter training package- over a three-month period, which is my minimum engagement. It is expressly focused on refining and deepening your grasp of the principles and assisting you in exploring your mental health and general wellbeing.

This coaching engagement will help you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the Principles and take it from an “intellectual understanding” to an embodied understanding.


  • Escape the dangers of depression, anxiety, exhaustion, tension, overthinking, and feeling stuck in your everyday life, and open up to your intrinsic wellbeing, inner peace, calm, and freedom as you are guided to live the life of your dreams.

life coaching & mentoring
sports and elite athlete coaching


You are a high performing sports person looking for the edge.

Roan assists professional and amateur athletes in developing the confidence and focus they require while mastering the physical and technical aspects of their sport.


Roan has spent the last 25 years playing rugby, doing, teaching, coaching, and competing in martial arts, and there are a variety of reasons why working with him will be beneficial to you.

The main reasons why people come to work with Roan:

  • They are not performing to their full potential.

  • They have fully recovered from an injury but it is still affecting sporting performance.

  • Losing attention during a game or competition, performing better in training or the fear that comes from being watched that results in failure.

  • The desire to improve their overall performance.

Having a firm understanding of how psychology works and how to use it to your advantage is essential in improving your ability and performance.


Whether you're struggling to recover from an old injury or losing focus during games, Roan can provide assistance in improving your sport performance anywhere in Australia.

life coaching & mentoring



Online program

The Three Principles Foundation is an online self-study program that includes videos filmed during an extraordinary 12-week immersion into the Three Principles.


The 12- week immersion, which was facilitated and led by Roan was held early in 2021 with pioneers and practitioners in this understanding in attendance.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we discussed the implications and role of the Principles in elements like;

  • Happiness and Wellbeing

  • Stress

  • Worry and Anxiety

  • Confidence

  • Self-belief and Self-esteem

  • Crisis

  •  Risk and Uncertainty

  •  Physical Health and Addictions

  • Compulsions and Bad Habits

  •  Relationships

  • Success and Money

Roan was joined by the likes of people like Elsie Spittle, Dicken Bettinger, Bill Pettit, Natasha Swerdloff, Keith Blevens, Amy Johnson, Nicola Bird, Jacquie Forde, Sandra Krot, Chana Stud.

Over the twelve weeks, you will explore and get insight into the real source of transformation, impact and growth that results in profound shifts for a deep understanding for real change that sticks. 


This comes with a  free 60-minute Q&A or coaching session with Roan.

Your Investment: $299

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