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Our young people need support now, more than ever.​

When it comes to the mental health crisis enveloping our society, there is a huge emphasis on putting out fires. In association with iheart, we believe in preventing fires. Our transformative approach to supporting young people – based on our core belief that ‘we have everything we need inside us’ is uniquely focused on mental wellness, prevention and education.

What is unique about our approach?

  • Prevention: We look to prevent fires rather than put out fires.

  • Health: We believe in mental wellness, not a mental illness.

  • Education: We educate young people about their innate well-being, going beyond awareness.

What are the iheart Principles?

The iheart Principles describe how the human psychological system is an intelligent system based on a clear logic that explains the source of all feeling states, emotions and felt experiences. This system has Wellbeing built into it and is always working logically, enabling us to self-correct and reconnect with our Wellbeing.

What we teach?

iheart, which stands for Innate Health Education and Resilience Training, is underpinned by an overarching inquiry question: Do you think someone, or something, is putting a feeling in you? The answer to this question, either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, acts as a compass, informing us if we are on or off track and reconnect with our innate Wellbeing and resilience. Our innovative educational approach teaches young people about their innate resilience and Wellbeing, empowering them with the confidence to overcome challenges and fulfil their potential.

Why do the iheart Principles matter – what difference do we make?

These Principles teach that mental health and Wellbeing – which includes deeper unconditional feelings of hope, peace of mind, kindness, gratitude, security, motivation, wisdom and resilience – is innate and available to all people, crucially informing us that:

  • Wellbeing is our natural state, and it can never be damaged, lost or broken.

  • No one and no thing can put a feeling in us.

  • No one and no thing can give us Wellbeing or take our Wellbeing away.

  • When we think that someone or something can put a feeling in us, it means we have outsourced our Wellbeing and overlooked the fact that it is innate.

What is the iheart Curriculum?

A preventative mental health education programme for young people aged 9 - 18 delivered over 11-group sessions. Built on a scaffolded approach to learning, each session has its own clear learning objective and a mix of interactive discussions, activities, self-reflections, summary slides, animations, videos and group exercises.

The difference iheart makes (impact/outcomes)

Based on the iheart Impact & Outcomes Framework, we expect to see the following improvements in the lives of the young people we work with:

  • Resilience & Wellbeing, e.g. self-esteem, dealing with setbacks, coping skills.

  • Mental Health,e.g. anxiety, stress, depression, self-harm, addictive behaviours.

  • Motivation, e.g. progress, attendance, perseverance, problem-solving & attainment.

  • Behaviour, e.g. self-regulation, exclusions, disruption, anger, aggression.

  • Relationships, e.g. tolerance, respect for difference, teamwork, positive relationships with teachers, peers and family member

Our Wellbeing & Resilience programme is 11-sessions and will help children navigate:

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Pressure and Deadlines

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour

  • Accessing more confidence

  • Responding vs Reacting

  • Habitual and addictive behaviour patterns

  • Worrying about future uncertainty

  • Listening and Understanding

  • Relationships with friends, parents and others


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