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Grounding - the key

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Is it the ground of our being? Is ground that which is true for all of us, always has been, always will be...?

I have found that you could read hundreds of books about the Three Principles, watch countless videos and listen to hours of podcasts and still not be actually, truly Grounded. I even see it in the coaches that I am working with that have spent thousands of dollars of training on books, audios and programs,

One of the Foundations for the work I am doing, is be to deepen what is often called “Grounding.” For me, Grounding is your embodied understanding of the principles, what it is about and what it points to - 'where our experience of life comes from' and 'who we really are' . It’s about expanding the depth and breadth of your insights, moving from an intellectual though-based construct to a deeply felt and integrated realisation of these principles and how the psychological system works... an update to the software of your "being", a deep reflection of your default setting.

The deeper your Grounding, the more you have acccess on intelligence that is alive within us.

In my work with my clients, we continue to deepen our Grounding by:

  1. Looking, exploring and dissecting the Three Principles

  2. Explore the implications of the Three Principles for how different life is for you compared to those around you, armed with this understanding

  3. Bring a reflectively awareness to premises where our wellbeing has been made our dependent on people, places and things, impacting and determining how we think, feel and act

  4. Create and support a growing awareness of this understanding by providing a community to explore it deeply, clarify your insights and see the role they place in your own transformation.

Jack Pransky, the author of the book “Paradigm Shift: A History of The Three Principles”, interviewed George Pransky, who said: “We began to see that this work was all about grounding and that grounding is hard to evaluate. It’s a large, subjective component. There were no techniques that could be evaluated, as in other approaches. The only thing that mattered was the person’s understanding, and that was difficult to quantify. …We concluded that this understanding does not lend itself to an objective qualification program. I feel that way to this day. I think that a certification program in the Principles would be fraught with insurmountable difficulties.”

And like “Grounding”, the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought are a description used to show and point to the source of our experience, how the psychological system works, and how our reality is created.

The result of Grounding is that one sees things from the inside-out instead of outside-in and realises 'who you really are. That WELLBEING is innate, and things “out there” can not give me WELLBEING or take it away.

Now, the reality is that there is no "inside" and no "outside", and that is amazing, isn't it! Grounding all the WAY!

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