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What is the Three Principles?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

The term "Three Principles" (3P's) refers to the innate spiritual gifts of Mind, Thought and Consciousness that every human being uses to generate their life experience from one moment to the next. The principles provide a universal blueprint for understanding how and why life appears to be the way it is for each of us, and that understanding in itself transforms the way we experience life.

Although the truth underlying these principles has been spoken of by many wise teachers throughout the ages, it was an ordinary working man named Sydney Banks (1931 - 2009) who, via an extraordinary insight into the nature of his own experience, was able to describe what he had realized in an accessible way that anyone could grasp. These principles operate behind the scenes of our everyday experience, and an appreciation of how they function fosters what is commonly called an 'inside-out' understanding of life. To understand life in this way is to realize that your entire life experience is being created from within you, despite all appearances to the contrary.

The good news is that these principles are here, uncovered and available for us all. These principles explain how we all work psychologically. The word ‘principle’ refers to the basic, fundamental element of something that determines its intrinsic nature or characteristic behaviour. When it comes to the human experience, we can understand the foundational elements that make up our experience in these universal principles: Mind, Consciousness and Thought. While those words mean different things to different people, the principles they point to have been observed and studied in science, philosophy, and religion throughout the ages. They are basic facts of life – formless, foundational elements which can be observed only through their implications on us and our experience.

The Principle of Mind

There is intelligence and energy in us and life.

The Principle of Consciousness

The capacity to be aware and experience life is innate in us all, and our level of awareness in a moment determines the quality of our experience.

The Principle of Thought

We create our individual experience of reality through Thought. Thought is the missing link between the formless world of pure potentiality and the physical world of form.

So what does this mean for us?

Our life experience is created from the inside-out, 100% of the time, with no exceptions. It means that your life is in the experience of the principle of Thought at the moment.

You are the source of well-being, clarity, wisdom, peace, love, happiness, and joy. We are all born with a sense of our true nature full of peace, clarity and wisdom, but we get caught up and derailed by our own thinking. I share a profound yet simple understanding that helps people see how life really works and what it is to be human. Knowing this simple understanding really shifts your experience of life. You become more peaceful, have a deeper understanding, habits drop away, and as you reconnect to your true nature, you become more resilient. You have the ability to face whatever comes your way.

My focus is on sharing and exploring these principles and using this as a basis to educate and coach people back to innate mental health and well-being or help transform their lives and get more out of it.

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