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Reflections on The Missing Link

10-day Challenge

I am facilitating a 10-day challenge for people who are new to the principles or are already aware of the principles but want to see the relevance of the principles in their own lives and are motivated to get a deeper understanding of these principles.


This community deep-dive on the Three Principles will be using "The Missing Link", a book by Sydney Banks, in which he illuminates and creates an appreciation for the mystical link between the psychological and spiritual nature of life. He reveals a simplicity beneath the complex workings of the mind and the principles behind the creation of our life experience.


If you don’t know Sydney Banks, he was a philosopher, lecturer, and author born in Scotland in 1931 and lived and worked much of his life in Canada. After a profound insight into the true nature of the mind in 1973, he spent the latter part of his life sharing that insight. The result was the development of what he called "The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought." His insights have profoundly impacted the practice of psychology and psychiatry within a growing community of professionals in therapy, education, and rehabilitation. His insights have proved to be an affirmative and constructive force in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals.


In a group format, this 10-day challenge was designed to deepen your Grounding.

You will have ten days to read and immerse yourself in “The Missing Link”, and we will meet every couple of days on Zoom to discuss any the chapters, reflections, insights or questions you may have after reading the specific chapters.

Below is the schedule (AEDT):

  1. Tuesday 18 July (8.30-9.30 am): We will cover the following sections – The Missing Link, The Theosopher  & Three Principles

  2. Thursday, 20 July (8.30-9.30 am): We will cover the following sections - Mind, Consciousness and Thought

  3. Tuesday, 25 July (8.30-9.30 am): We will cover the following sections – The Duality of Life, Seeking Enlightenment and Selecting a Teacher

  4. Thursday, 27 July (8.30-9.30 am): We will cover the following sections – Living in the Now, Feelings and Love and Forgiveness

  5. Sunday, 30 July (11.00 am-12.00) pm: We will cover Wisdom and do a Wrap-up

​Attendance is AU$47/per person and will give you access to the Zoom calls and recordings.


To register, click the link below to Register and Pay; places are limited.

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