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If you are thinking about embarking on a journey to incorporate the Three Principles into your practice, or would like to become a  Three Principles Facilitator or Coach, or maybe to question your beliefs, pursue your dreams, create something new and exciting in your life or transform something that’s no longer working for you. Or you are looking for Three Principles Training or for a Three Principles Coach


Or maybe, you are struggling with mental health and not getting anywhere, or you are a high performing athlete or sports player looking for the edge in your game you’re in the right place.

You’ve landed on my website for a reason.


is to inspire a generation of people who have come to a deeper understanding of the Three Principles and create an awakening in others and help them become Practitioners.


as a Three Principles facilitator is to lead, teach, coach, train and assist individuals to live fulfilled lives of wellbeing, serenity, and clarity.

three principles coaching & mentor

To create the life you want takes vision, a sense of curiosity, openness, courage,
and action.

The International Coaching Federation tells us

"Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and

creative process that inspires them to maximise their

personal and professional potential."


That's what we get to do together, underpinned by the 3 Principles.


three principles coaching Roan coach training

Roan Theron

As a Three Principles Practioner and one of the top pioneers in his field in Australia, Roan leads the Three Principles Australia Community including apprentices and practitioners with the goal of changing and improving the landscape of human performance and mental wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand.



I have had the privilege and the gift of being coached, mentored, and supported by Roan over the last 6-months. Along our journey together, I have mentioned so many times to Roan that I cannot even put into words the level of value and life-changing moments that have come from his support. Roan is a true expert in this space, and I came to him for support with learning more about the Three Principles.

 As we discovered what I wanted over the 6-month journey, I identified that I wanted to grow my business and increase my self-confidence. I have worked as a coach and therapist for over 3 years and was purely operating off referrals because I had lost my confidence in the market and let potential new clients know where I was.

As a result of working with Roan, I have developed a much clearer understanding of operating a business as a coach. One of its most freeing elements was learning to express me online with confidence and freedom fully. Roan's deep understanding of the Three Principles has been life-changing for my experience of life, as well as the experience of life for all my clients.

I truly cannot thank him enough for the value, support, wisdom, and care he has provided over the last 6 months. I am absolutely blown away, and I highly recommend him. Anyone wanting to start up or increase their coaching business, anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Three Principles or anyone who fundamentally wants to have a much more joyous and peaceful experience of life, Roan is your man.

 I am so excited after our work together that I have commenced onto the next 6-month engagement of working together. Over the last 6 months, what I have received has blown away any expectations I could have ever imagined. This makes me truly excited for what the next 6 months will bring. Thank you so much, Roan!


Thank you, Roan, for helping me look at the anxious thinking I was having around converting my audience of “single, empty-nester women over 40” into paying clients that I could effectively serve from the Three Principles Paradigm perspective. When we first connected, I was all in my head with frustration believing something was missing and looking out for yet another strategy.

I doubted my authentic voice and worried that I had made a mistake in my coaching focus. Talking with you boosted my confidence, clarifying how to deliver my programs and services from a Three Principles Paradigm focus while still offering my clients alignment tools and activities.  

Being asked to reflect on "who" I want to be, as opposed to what I want to do as an effective coach, helped me reduce my anxiety because it reminded me that the how is not my concern & that I get to be that ideal coach right now. Roan has a perfect balance between offering practical suggestions and encouraging you to take a moment and look within for the answers you already have.


His Three Principles expertise is hope-filled in its encouragement to believe in our innate well-being. I would highly encourage anyone who wants to put their anxiety into perspective to seek his coaching.


I doubted myself in my reactions to people and incidents, and I felt as if everything was negative and not constructive.


So I have reached out to Roan as I was an open-minded person looking for different ways of thinking to reach a positive outcome. Working with Roan, I realised that thinking about past and future things/incidents affected my way of dealing with my current thought process negatively, and after coaching with Roan, I feel like the world is not resting on my shoulders.


I would definitely recommend Roan as a coach. He is open-minded and makes you feel at ease talking to him to reach a common goal: changing the perspective of how you think about things and handle situations.


Roan’s patience, compassion, ability to bring me back to focus, just listening and holding the space for my thoughts to flow, and lovingly listening to my own judgements and fears helped me tremendously and showed me the illusory nature of those judgements.

Over time, the sessions, and resources that Roan has provided have been integrated into my life. The insights I’ve received, and the tools and techniques have come alive, and I’ve embodied the learnings through our conversations. Roan’s coaching has served me in shifting and evolving my way of “being” in this world, and I no longer carry a sense of fear, self-judgement and anxiety, or shyness.


My past conditioning no longer limits me, but I realise that my consciousness is ever-evolving and expanding. If I chose a particular way of ‘being’ in the past, I could realise that it was necessary for survival at the time, but if it no longer serves me, I can choose another. So, it’s a constant evolution working with Roan, and I find myself, often, moving through this world with lightness, joy, peace, spontaneity, and curiosity.

In addition, I have learned to create and be committed to integrity, my word. Roan has served me in becoming a better coach, partner, and family member, and he will serve you as well.


Working with Roan has made me see my life in a whole new way. I am calmer and more centred in how I approach everything.


Knowing that my thoughts can come and go has been a game-changer. Roan's calm, honest approach and helpful guidance has put me back on track towards a life that exceeded my expectations.


I am blessed to be working with Roan and know that he does this with everyone he works with.


Before I started coaching with Roan, I had some unsupportive thoughts that stopped me from achieving success in my dating life. I felt I had to think about what to say and keep the conversation interesting. Considering all this before the conversation with any girl made me self conscious of what to say and how to keep the conversation going.


After coaching with Roan, I had new insights. And now my conversation with girls flows naturally, and it's so much fun. I really enjoy being present in the moment and allowing the conversation to flow through naturally. 

I feel very happy and excited to enjoy my dating life to the best. I would highly recommend Roan to anyone with any problem. When you talk to Roan, you feel this happy and positive energy in you, and just in a very short conversation, you have beautiful insights.


Roan is amazing!  


Before starting coaching with Roan, I felt excited and slightly nervous. However, working with Roan helped me with mental clarity, renewing my old ways of thinking, living intentionally, and managing my emotions better.


After working with Roan, I now feel contented, peaceful, relaxed and in control of my thoughts. Roan is worth every penny -  he will pinpoint the things that need to be done to help resolve anything within your problems to reach your goal.


For us 20-somethings, this is a must to invest in, to live our lives to the fullest. I would recommend Roan not just for direction or your healing for yourself but also for impacting the people around you.


Thank you, Roan; it was life-changing working with you.

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