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the art and science of transformative coaching

Do you know you could be having more impact, but don’t know how?

You know it. That sense that life’s got something bigger in store for you and that you can make a difference in the world.

The Coach Academy was created with you in mind - a space where we can connect, explore, teach, support and mentor you in the art and science of transformative coaching. Whether you are a new coach, a therapist, consultant, trainer or an experienced coach, you will find the Coach Academy tailored to you, your practice and what you want to achieve as we work to deepening your grounding, increase your impact and build a thriving coaching practice.


Transformation starts with you (you can’t give what you haven’t got), and it has a structure, a structure you can learn, benefit from and use to make a difference to others. So the engagement will be carefully designed for you to enable you to:

  1. Develop the deep, embodied grounding that has you feeling comfortable as you live and learn from this understanding every single day. 

  2. Feel a deep sense of confidence as you share the Three Principles in ways that have a profound effect on you and your clients. 

  3. Feel great about creating clients as you transition to making your living in line with your unique gifts, abilities and knowing that you have everything you need to create it.

  4. Connect with the inner source of fulfilment, self-belief and confidence in your work as you discover your most authentic expression of yourself.

  5. Know that the search is over and that you’re where you’re precisely meant to be, doing what you’re on this planet to do, helping people experience a genuine transformation.

  6. During our work together, you’re going to be guided through the three transformations you have to go through if you want to have a significant impact and a successful practice: Grounding (personal), Impact (interpersonal) and Livelihood (commercial).

  7. Deepen your grounding so you’re living with an embodied understanding of how your mind and experience work. This grounding lets you deal with the ups and downs of life, combined with a clarity of understanding that enables you to see how the Three Principles play out in any situation. 

  8. Share these principles confidently and impactfully with others. The impact is about connecting, calibrating, and listening to someone and hearing where they’re off-track, zeroing in on the “hook and premise” that will transform them. This is the kind of connection that allows you to come up with a great question, a unique perspective or the perfect alignment to their world; to share this understanding in various contexts, and with others who may be not be attuned to anything which sounds “spiritual or new age”. 

  9. Grow your practice, your client base and do what you are here to do. Many people aspire to build a coaching practice but find it challenging when it comes to the business side of coaching. The reality is that your grounding is vital to creating success in any domain, especially if you aspire to build a successful coaching practice.


1. GROUNDING – Your Personal Transformation

Grounding is the foundation. Your grounding is what governs whether or not you’re able to have a massive impact personally and professionally. This means going through your own personal transformation so you can “be the change” in the lives of others.

2. IMPACT - Your Interpersonal Transformation

Your impact is what clients pay you for, give you testimonials for and what they’ll refer you to their friends and colleagues for. This is what is responsible for a truly transformational impact in your clients’ lives. 

3. LEVERAGE - Your Commercial Transformation 

Your commercial transformation is about taking control of the business side of coaching, delivering on your plan, clarifying your message, developing your offerings, your sales and marketing strategy and moving your practice forward through connection and service.


You‘ve been impacted personally by ​the ​Three Principles. You want to go deeper and share what you see with others, but you‘re more interested in ​working with people as a coach than as a therapist or “3P facilitator”. ​Our training is firmly grounded in the inside-out understanding but consistently focused on the success and well-being of our clients.



You‘re an experienced change worker who is looking for a way to increase your impact and help your clients get more effortless/stress-free results in the world – a kind of an “awakened success”. ​I will show you how to go beyond ​simply ​empowering your clients towards a model of expanded possibility and increased personal freedom.



You‘re already successful in at least one area in your life and see the study of transformative coaching as a way to better understand why you‘ve been able to do what you’ve done and to help those around you achieve the same and more. You already make a great living but recognize this as part of your life’s work – a way of giving back to your community and the world.

What some of my Coach Training clients say: