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Imposter Syndrome In Your Practice

Can I do this? Will people listen? Who am I to be a Practitioner? Do you feel “not good enough”? Anyone new to coaching, establishing a practice, mentoring or training ask themselves questions along the lines of: "Can I do this?" "Will people listen?" "Who am I to be a practitioner?" "Do I even know enough to share?" "What if people see that my grounding is not deep enough?"

It's that feeling of not being enough, not knowing enough, and feeling like you will be questioned on your grounding and understanding. You are not alone... so, you can relax. This is an everyday experience in starting your practice or incorporating the Three Principles into your practice. What helps is this... And to overcome it is quicker and easier than you think. Knowing how the principles create our experience is essential; knowing where confidence, self-worth and grounding come from is critical. There are some underlying elements that we need to consider as well. Firstly, your identity - your new role as a practitioner or incorporating these principles into your practice clashes with your current/old identity of being a business consultant, a psychologist, a mom, or whatever role you are currently or have previously played. Secondly, you need clarification on who to serve, what your offer should be, and how to reach your target audience, and you lack experience and understanding in both the practice side (read "business”") and making an impact on clients. This increases your thoughts about you and it amplifies your feelings of being unable to do this. Thirdly, you are unsure how to "market" and "sell" yourself or your offers. How do you deal with these? You learn, take action, move forward, and do it. You work with someone who has been there, tried things and found what works and is willing to share his ideas on what he found useful and assign someone as an accountability partner to ensure you follow the step-by-step method and have someone to bounce ideas off, share information and get clarity on. I look forward to sharing this understanding with more individuals who can, in turn, share this with others to help change lives!!! Learn how to establish/successfully operate your 3P Practice, establish yourself as an authority in this space, create a trustworthy online profile, decide on your ideal client and how to reach them, generate interest in your work, develop and lead an online community, build relationships and how to enroll clients and work with them. Operating in this space for 7 years, I have learned a few things by attending courses, trying things and running my practice, and I would love to share some of these learnings, lessons and realisations I had when it comes to various aspects of my Three Principles Practice.

Let's talk!

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